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Reviewing your chosen subject area

Studienwahl überprüfen

If you're no longer sure about your chosen subject area, the first thing you should do is take steps to review it. Here are some ideas:

Write down what you expected from your current area of study – and from the career opportunities associated with it.

  • Which of your expectations have been fulfilled? Have any unexpected but positive aspects arisen?
  • What aspects have left you frustrated or led to unexpected negative experiences?
  • Look at what you have written. Have you listed more positive experiences or negative ones?
  • Share your thoughts with your fellow students, ideally ones who are in more advanced semesters. How do they rate these sources of frustration in relation to the course of your studies – temporary, permanent, or likely to lead to a crisis?


Don't hesitate to book an appointment with us at the Counselling Centre Universities of Bern if you're struggling to progress further with your investigation and decision-making process. Counselling is confidential and offered free of charge.

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