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Changing your study program, limitations on study time

Wechsel Studienprogramm

You are bound to have problems at the start of your studies. Therefore, don't immediately start to question your chosen course. You should only review your field of study, and perhaps start looking for a new one, if you feel that your expectations do not match the actual contents and requirements of your study program.

Changing your study program

If you decide during the first few weeks of your studies that you have chosen the wrong combination of subjects, you can change courses within the deadline set in the first semester for new students.You must be able to decide on an alternative branch of study at the University of Bern quickly – you may find that the overview of bachelor's and master's degrees can help you here.
You can find out about the procedure for changing your field of study from the Admissions Office.

Limitations on study time

We recommend that you take a look at the regulations that apply to you, so that you are aware of the time frames in which you must complete your studies.Your faculty's study program regulations will contain information on the valid provisions relating to the standard duration of study, the possibilities of extending your studies, and the conditions that may lead to exclusion from your studies. You should be able to find these on your faculty's website.

The university's Legal Services Office also offers a document containing all the regulations.

The Admissions Office can give you good advice on what to expect from your first semester and help you extend your period of study if need be.