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Managing your time

There's no need to lose any more time worrying about how best to organize your schedule – here's a quick run-down of our top tips for time management:

  • Work out how much time you have in total for a task (written work, exam): How many weeks do I have before it has to be finished? Do I have fixed commitments during this time?
  • Create a weekly schedule: What are your current commitments (university courses and the associated preparation and follow-up work, sports training, music lessons, professional meetings, etc.)?
  • Plan out some time windows for writing your essay or revising for your exam: when doing this, keep in mind your daily routine and personal working style and schedule in some breaks.
  • It is important that your timetable reflects your daily rhythm. At what times of day are your concentration levels highest? Do you like to work in blocks (e.g. for half a day) on one task or can you only concentrate on your writing project or exam revision for one hour at a time?
  • Plan regular time slots and stick to them!

You can find more information and download a template for a weekly schedule here (in German):