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Avoiding stress

Stress vermeiden

As with any approach to improving your health and quality of life, reducing stress is a highly individual process. There are sometimes external factors that can be influenced in order to reduce stress, such as moving an exam or submission deadline. However, there will always be situations where this is not possible or where individual behavior patterns lead to stress. Here, it is often more effective – or even entirely necessary – to approach the issue on an individual level instead of trying to change external structures.

A range of strategies can help you to cope better with potentially stressful situations and prevent the symptoms of stress:

  • Realistic forward planning: plan ahead and be aware of your resources.
  • Set priorities: How much time do I have? Do I have the skills to achieve this goal the way I want? Do I need help?
  • Demands and expectations – accepting imperfection Show yourself the same patience and lenience that you show others. Not everything has to be perfect – sometimes 'good' is sufficient!

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