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Depending on a student's individual, social and institutional background, studying at university can be experienced as a harmonious and enriching stage of personal development or – at least in parts – as a stressful and difficult phase of life.

What all students have in common, regardless of their field of study, age, employment and other differentiation criteria, is that they are confronted with a range of challenges and expectations during their time spent studying. However, as the counselling provided to students repeatedly shows, these are perceived and mastered in very many different ways: Requirements can be viewed as challenging or overtaxing, encouraging or discouraging.

The following counselling services offer you support and information:

Counselling Centre Universities of Bern

We offer you psychological counselling / coaching to assist you with the following matters:

  • Study organization: course planning, changing course and subject combination, alternatives to studying, balancing studying and employment, combining studying with family life, financing your studies
  • Work and learning techniques and coping with exams
  • Career planning
  • Conflicts in personal and study relationships
  • Difficulties, crises and personal development

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Academic counselling

The academic counselling service at your institution is responsible for the following issues:

  • Your course (contents, requirements etc.) and
  • the curricular organization (seminars, examinations etc.)

You will find the academic counsellors on the website of your institution.