Counselling Centre Universities of Bern

Writing problems and counselling

There are both private and institutional advisory services available that can offer you expert support. It is often also useful to set up your own personal opportunities for talking to other people, such as regular meetings with other doctoral students or specific specialist groups.

Ask your doctoral supervisor or staff at the institute or faculty where you are based about other doctoral students. If may be that there is someone who is interested in meeting up with you regularly to share thoughts on the writing process. Talking to people from other fields of study can also provide a great deal of stimulation and motivation, especially with regard to general writing issues, emotional difficulties or problems in your private or professional life.

Discussions with colleagues in your specialist area are a useful way to supplement your interactions with these kinds of peer groups. Graduate schools, writing workshops, PhD workshops, conferences and symposia offer great opportunities to make contacts.

Female doctoral students can also obtain support from the "Mentoring Deutschschweiz" program (see below under "Further information"). This academic mentoring scheme is aimed at postdocs and advanced doctoral students at universities in German-speaking Switzerland, the Università della Svizzera italiana and the research institute EAWAG who are looking to forge an academic career. The program is designed to help you put your skills and expertise into practice, build networks and take advantage of the academic career opportunities available to you.

Counselling Centre Universities of Bern

The Counselling Centre Universities of Bern offers doctoral students at the University of Bern counselling, coaching and support on writing problems, motivational issues or making decisions (e.g. for or against writing a PhD dissertation) and help with clarifying your situation. It runs regular workshops on topics such as dissertations and academic writing.